Qt Db Cache Not Increased To 300 Mb On Upgrade

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Will bitcoin-qt continue to use more RAM as the size of the blockchain increases and network activity.

With default options I usually see about 250MB to 300MB.

2) By default both bitcoin-qt and bitcoind devote 100MB to a db cache.

Id try down-/upgrading to 0.9.1 / and see if anything changes.

The Cached Table example shows how a table view can be used to access a database, caching any changes to the data until the user explicitly submits.

Note that the QSqlTableModel::setTable() function does not select data from the table.

sort conditions (see the QSqlTableModel class documentation for more details).

Performance degeneration with increase of database records. Some people.

100 – 300. WRITE-IO to disk. 100 – 200. • Server with 8 harddisks.

MyISAM has the limitation that INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE can NOT go in.

I.E. Drizzle does not support MySQL Query Cache.

ref: const,de_live_magma.qt.question_id, const.

The QSqlRelationalTableModel class provides an editable data model for a single database table, with foreign key support. More.

QT C++ GUI Tutorial 14- How to Save data in SqLite database with pushbuttonQPixmapCache contains no member data, only static functions to access the global.

The initial cache limit is 10240 KB (10 MB); you can change this by calling.

(least recently accessed in the cache) are deleted when more space is needed.