It’s Like 4chan Found A Bloomberg Terminal

Brazil overtook Spain to rank fifth in the world on coronavirus deaths, with no sign the easing in Latin America’s biggest economy. The U.S. will quit the World Health Organization after President.

The death toll in India surpassed China and cases in Brazil hit another daily record as hot spots shift to developing.

18. dec 2019.


“Like 4Chan found a Bloomberg terminal.” In other words, WSB is an online forum (on Reddit) where the majority of it's 700k+ members aren't.

30 May 2019.

31, 2012, r/wallstreetbets is “like Bloomberg found a 4chan terminal,” as it states in its official description. The subreddit has more than 562,609.

Bitcoin Exchange Rate Graph Indian share markets ended deep in the red yesterday. Benchmark indices extended losses yesterday as the session progressed. This was

The District of Columbia lifts its stay-at-home order on Friday, a symbolic victory for President Donald Trump, who is eager.


It can also serve as a go-to reference for anytime you find trading loses getting out.

which proudly boasts the tagline, “Like 4Chan found a Bloomberg terminal.

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South Korea reported its biggest spike in new coronavirus cases in nearly two months, raising concerns about a second wave of.

The jig is up: Robinhood says it's closed the 'infinite leverage' loophole that.

' Like 4chan found a Bloomberg terminal': Here's how one Reddit user raked in a.

How Controlthenarrative Glitched Robinhood and Lost Everything (r/wallstreetbets)THE economic apocalypse could be postponed. Armageddon may never arrive. There could be a brighter future after all. At the.