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Falling on an outstretched arm. Rotator cuff tear risk factors. Athletes in sports that use a lot of repetitive overhead arm motion are at a higher risk of getting a rotator .

Rotator cuff injury. Find out information from Bupa about the symptoms, treatment and causes of rotator cuff injury. Symptoms include pain in your shoulder.

Rotator cuff tears and injuries can be partial or total and may occur from trauma.

UPMC has one of the highest-funded orthopaedic research departments in the.

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16/03/2020  · Every year, over 13 million Americans see a physician for shoulder pain, 1 with over 1-in-5 people having a tear in their rotator cuff. 2 Rotator cuff tears become increasingly common as we age, and have a high correlation with manual labor work. Sure, some of this is can be attributed to bad luck, but it’s usually not that simple. There are a lot of varying factors that could lead to.