Bitcoin Founder Dead

Death of CEO sends bitcoin exchange into chaos13 Dec 2019.

The then 30-year-old founder of the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX was traveling in India when he reportedly died from.

13 Dec 2019.

Following his death, the exchange was unable to locate or secure significant cryptocurrency reserves. When he died, the 30-year-old founder.

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16 Dec 2019.

As has been widely reported, there's been a bid to exhume the body of Gerald Cotten, the deceased cryptocurrency exchange founder. Cotten.

27 May 2020.

The pseudonymous inventor of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, who has yet to reveal.

but some believe cryptocurrency mined in 2009 point to the founder still being active.

Joan of Arc of cryptocurrency co-founder dead at 29.

Swirling around in cyberspace. PRIVATE KEY. The death of an exchange's founder exposes cryptocurrencies' biggest flaw.

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